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Purifying, this oil is used in the care of oily skin, slimming care, and to strengthen brittle nails. Its fine and fruity scent and its tonic and sanitizing properties make it very pleasant in diffusion.

Botanical name: Citrus limonum

Country of origin: Italy

Health properties:

  • Strengthens natural immunity, regulates metabolism 
  • Hepatic Regulator, Antivomatic 
  • General antiseptic and bactericidal 
  • antiviral 
  • Digestive tonic, carminative, general depurative 
  • Fluidifying blood, "viitamin P-like" action (action on microcirculation, decreased capillary permeability and increased resistance) 


  • Antioxidant, skin tonic 
  • Antiseptic 


  • Tonic of the nervous system 
  • Energizing , stimulating 
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