Arhome Spa & Lab

Arhome was founded by Sandra Marechal-Dupont in June 2014. In 2011 an introduction to yoga and meditation sparked Sandra’s passion for discovering more about holistic and well-being therapies. She has since obtained her Yoga Diploma (YTT 200H), was certified as an IFPA Holistic & Clinical Aromatherapist, obtained her Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation through Formula Botanica, and has most recently completed a diploma course in Understanding Dementia with the University of Tasmania’s Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre.

As well as a collection of 100% pure essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols, Sandra has built an extensive Arhome range including handcrafted skincare,  daily lifestyle & home products, beauty essentials and much more. Each and every product is available off the shelf or can be personalised to the individual through consultation. All of Sandra’s products are handcrafted by her between her Hong Kong and France laboratories and are made using the only finest ingredients available.

The Role of an Aromatherapist

An Aromatherapist is an educator and consultant with expertise in the clinical application of essential oils to promote and establish physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The term Aromatherapist is sometimes confused due to the growing number of massage or bodywork professionals who add Aromatherapy to their existing practice.
The Aromatherapist:
  • Recognizes that achieving good health requires a proper diet, fresh clean water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise and rest.
  • Teaches his/her client how to achieve and sustain good health on a daily basis through following the fundamentals of good health, and using essential oils, herbs, homeopathics, and other natural modalities to supplement their healthy lifestyle, if necessary.
  • Is a holistic healer that addresses each client’s physical, mental and emotional aspects, as good health requires balance in all areas.
  • Recognizes when allopathic (traditional) healthcare may be necessary, and is always ready to refer a client to his/her primary care physician for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Empowers his/her client to achieve improved health, both today and for the future, through addressing any imbalances caused by improper nutrition, poor quality sleep, insufficient water, lack of exercise, fresh air and relaxation.
  • Helps clients to evaluate their lifestyle choices, to isolate and change any potential causes of ill health.

The Aromatherapist Does Not:

  • Diagnose disease. An Aromatherapist performs evaluations; including Aromaflexology, to determine causes of potential health problems, but they do not diagnose disease. An Aromatherapist will always refer a client back to their primary care physician for diagnosis, if necessary.
  • Treat or cure disease. An Aromatherapist’s focus is on health and education, not disease. An Aromatologist empowers client’s to take charge of their own health.
  • Prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. Aromatherapists teach client’s about essential oils, herbs, homeopathic remedies, homeobotanical remedies, flower essences, dietary supplements and nutrition.
  • Perform invasive procedures. Depending on training and/or licensing, a Natural Health Practitioner may use hands on techniques, such as Reflexology, Aromaflexology, or “M” Technique. Aromatherapists do not perform any invasive procedures, give injections or draw blood.
  • Perform a physical examination. Aromatherapists are not licensed to perform any ‘hands-on” work or examination.

The Client’s Role:

  • To provide the Aromatherapist with information regarding previous treatment and any current treatments.
  • To complete the Confidential Client form. To review the information with the Aromatherapist to ensure there are no misunderstandings with regard to the information given to the Aromatherapist.
  • To complete the Informed Consent form.
  • To consider medical attention, if recommended by the Aromatherapist.
  • To consider diet and exercise, as recommended by the Aromatherapist.
  • To consider stress relief, if recommended by the Aromatherapist.
  • To ask questions. Be clear about the information given by the Aromatherapist.
  • To consider any options presented by the Aromatherapist. While under no obligation to follow any suggestions for lifestyle changes, it is the client’s decision as to whether or not to use any or all of the suggestions outlined by the Aromatherapist.
  • To make a commitment to his/her own good health and wellness.

Our Values

Here’s a bit more about our pillar principles and what they mean for how Ar’home works:

“Ecological” means minimizing waste in our production processes in order to reduce our impact on the environment with regards to landfill, and by embodying our value of “respect” by using all viable parts of the organic materials that we have purchased. Our ultimate goal is for nothing to go to waste.

“Healthful” translates to us striving to work with growers and distillers of essential oils who use traditional wisdom and best practices as the basis for their production. Our intention is to support essential oil providers who respect nature and the balance of the growing cycle without pushing false economies on their enterprise, land or employees.

“Smart” is embodied in our founder, Sandra’s time and attention to the study of Clinical Aromatherapy. Along the way she has learnt that our approach to skincare should follow the same process as our approach to nutrition. In nutritional science, it is understood that the more complicated a meal is the more chance that it will cause digestive problems. This is no different to how your skin reacts, the human body always reacts best when presented with organic, high quality products. We think of our skincare as ’skin food’; Sandra formulates each product as though it were to be a healthy uncomplicated meal for the skin. This “less is more” philosophy should be applied to each new product we make.

“Sound” is a promise to abide by the key teaching and founding principle of aromatherapy and organic skincare, and by the terms of regulatory laws for skincare, which outlines that curative or healing claims for cosmetics are not permitted. In other words, we can’t make false promises. Ar’home cosmetic product claims are considered carefully within the bounds of responsible practice set out by Sandra’s qualifications and are required to be honest, fair and truthful.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about how Ar’home works and why.