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Alum Stone

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Alum Stone

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Natural deodorant, astringent and haemostatic care


•  This crystalline stone is a remarkable astringent. It is applied directly to the skin for the care of the skin as a deodorant (armpits, feet...) & for healing (razor burn, buttons, cuts...).
•  Polished for maximum comfort & without excess packaging to minimize waste, this is a truly natural deodorant!
•  Alum stone can be used on wet skin to stop the blood of small shaving cuts or to help heal acne pimples.

How to Use:

Use the stone as a natural deodorant, pass under a trickle of water to moisten or spray with hydrosol (Clary sage, Witch Hazel, Peppermint) under the armpits & pass the stone as a “classic” stick deodorant. Can also use with 1 drop of essential oil (Palmarosa). SYNERGIES with Essential Oils:
Against sweating: Palmarosa, Clary sage, Lemongrass.
For Acne Skin: Tea-tree, Manuka, Fragonia, Palmarosa.
After-shave, healing and soothing: Blue Cypress, True Lavender, Cistus ladanifère (stops bleeding).


Alum Stone polished 100% natural.

Storage & Cautions:

Store your Alum Stone in a soft, padded packaging to prevent breakages. PRECAUTIONS:  Take care not to drop the stone as it is breakable.

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