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Very rich in natural methyl salicylate, this oil is renowned as a powerful soothing active ingredient and is traditionally used for joint and muscular comfort and for the care of athletes.


Wintergreen essential oil is certainly the best muscular and articular pain of all the pharmacopoeia.

It is very popular in the sports world, its perfume embalms all the locker rooms.

Botanical name Gaultheria procumbens

Country of origin China

Health properties
Due to its great richness in methyl salicylate, this essential oil is known for being:
Antalgic – it helps to relieve pain
Antispasmodic – it promotes relaxation of the muscles
Rubefiante (heating effect)
Vasodilator, hypotensive

In which cases should you use the Wintergreen essential oil?
Muscular pains (contracture, tearing, breakdown, lumbago)
Joint Pain (osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, synovitis)
Tendinous pain
Migraines, headaches
Sport-related (muscle preparation, recovery after exercise)

Precautions of use
Dilute up to 10% in adults. Ask for advice for sensitive skin.
Do not apply on injured skin.
Do not apply under a tight bandage or an occlusive patch.
Use of an external heat source (heating pad, boil) may increase the risk of irritation.
Do not apply on large body surfaces: if in doubt, seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor specialized in aromatherapy.
During surgery, stop the use of Gaulthérie at least 48 hours before.
Use against indicated in the pregnant woman, breastfeeding and in the child.
Against indicated in case of allergy to aspirin.
Contraindicated, in people with bleeding disorders, or taking anti-coagulant treatments.

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