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Peppermint Essential Oil

This oil stimulates and invigorates body and mind, and is traditionally known to help combat nausea, motion sickness and headaches.

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Refrigerant, it is also used to relieve the itching.

Botanical name Mentha x piperita

Country of origin France (Provence)

Health properties
Stimulates cardiac, digestive, pancreatic and nervous system
Anesthetic and analgesic, antipruritic, it calms the itching.
Nasal, hepatic and prostate decongestant
Bactericide, fungicide
Intestinal and urinary anti-inflammatory
Anticatarrhale, expectorant, mucolytic
Emmenagogue, it favors the rules.

Tonic and nervous and general stimulant

Peppermint essential oil will give you a ‘whiplash’ effect in case of
– Psychic fatigue, physical, driving, lower concentration
– Traction, anxiety, chest tightness, intense fear.

Available size 10ml

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