This refreshing blend is composed of Damascene Rose Hydrate (Rosa damascena), known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, which works to remove impurities and clarify the complexion for healthier skin. Astringent and firming, this hydrosol is an essential ingredient to prevent and fight against the signs of skin aging. It purifies, refreshes and softens the skin and is ideal for delicate skin and is superb for use before serums, creams or makeup.

Active Ingredients:
Damascene Rose hydrosol (Rosa damascena), Aloe Vera gel (Aloe vera); Natural Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate).With its pleasant natural aroma, this lotion enhances the mood of your day, soothes and moisturizes the skin for 24 hours.

How to use:
Shake well before applying. Apply the lotion with your fingers in an upward motion. Use it every morning followed by a serum and moisturizer, and every night followed by an eye cream or night cream.

Well preserved and made under optimal hygienic conditions, your product will keep for at least 12 months.