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Lavandin Super Essential Oil

Recognized for its muscular relaxing properties, this essential oil is traditionally used in case of cramps or muscle pain. It is also appreciated for its purifying and relaxing fragrance.

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Botanical Name Lavandin burmatii super

Country of origin France (Provence)

Health Properties
Muscle relaxant
Microbicide, bactericidal, anti-lice
Analgesic, painkiller and soothing

Agitation, nervousness
Anxiety and emotionality
Insomnia and sleep disorders
Irritability and moodiness
Stress, overwork of adults

Other properties
Soothing and tranquilizing

Lavandin essential oil can be used by pregnant women over 5 months old and children over 6 years old.

There are several varieties and many productions of lavandins. The essential oils obtained can contain between 2 and 12% of camphor. With 2% camphor, lavandin can be used easily, even in children. However, present in large quantities (from 8%), camphor can become neurotoxic if the essential oil of lavender is used in a prolonged and/or extended manner. It becomes contraindicated in pregnant women and children before the age of 8 years. It is recommended that epileptics use it with great caution.

There are several varieties of lavender with very different benefits.

Available size 10ml

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