“Jardin de Cure” Travel Tin Candle; 


  • CREATED WITH USER EXPERIENCE IN MIND. An arhome travel tin will fill your home with  a garden-inspired scent… up to 16 hours.
  • EXCELLENCE IN THE ART OF FRAGRANCE. Created and regularly quality checked by arhome formulator & founder, Jardin de Cure is admired for its unique fragrance, best described as a garden-inspired scent, with floral scent, fig leaves fragrance…In atmospheric diffusion, it will provide quiet & refresh nights.
  • FRAGRANCE NOTES: Basil, Mint, geranium & fig leaves fragrances
  • TRY SOMETHING NEW – This arhome scented travel tin candles consist of soy wax, lead free cotton wicks, and black timeless metallic vessels which suit any room. The candle’s volume is 25grs, and it is the perfect size for gift-giving occasions or trying out a new fragrance or bring with you anywhere.
  • MAKE IT LAST – Burn time can be maximized by burning the candle where there is no draft and allowing it to burn until the pool reaches the edge of the glass before extinguishing the flame. This is regarded as an even-burn.