A synergy of five renowned essential oils traditionally used for encouraging balance and cleanliness, and for keeping the scalp calm, healthy and clean. A handy blend for use throughout the year as it is both preventative and curative.

Active ingredients:
Rosmarinus officinalis Ct Camphre (Rosemary essential oil), Lavandula burmatii super (Lavandin super essential oil), Cedrus atlantica (Atlas Cedarwood essential oil),  Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree essential oil), Myrtus communis Ct Cineole (Green Myrtle essential oil).

How to use: 
Shake well before use. In use for prevention, add 3 drops into your shampoo every 2 days. In curative use, rub the scalp with 6-10 drops of the blend.

Available sizes: 50ml

Precautions: For adults & children over 5 years old.