Fatima Benamar

Fatima Benamar

About Tarot

Tarot is an excellent tool of self-knowledge and of empowerment, it makes you become aware of what is subconscious and empowers you to use this knowledge to become more in tune with yourself. A reading is a reflection of your past, present and possible future, it enable you to look at your life with a fresh perspective.

During our life we are constantly  faced with questions and it’s not always easy to make decisions between the choices available to us …and it’s always important to examine various possibillities.

Fatima can enlighten & guide you.

Consultations are available tailored to your individual questions (relationship, career,  projects, recruitement, life changes ….)

About Fatima

Originally from France, Fatima is a Tarot Reader who has been in Hong Kong for the last 4 years. Fatima has been passionate about tarot and reading others’ cards since an early age and loves working with an international clientele in her new home base of Hong Kong.

Fatima has  always practised the cards as a complement to her professional activities and was trained by career Tarot practionners in France. Since moving to Hong Kong she has worked full-time as a Tarot Reader.

From experience, she believes that a consultation can help a lot of people and numberous testimonials from her extensive clientele speaks strongly to this.