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Sunscreen Face Cream - SPF30

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  • Sunscreen Face Cream - SPF30

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Sunscreen Face Cream - SPF30

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Perfumed with Monoï fragrance, this natural care without whitening effect will be indispensable for your holidays


  • Emolient Caprylis: Known as "fractionated coconut oil", these triglycerides are vegetable oil-based & fine to the touch; they absorb instantly without leaving a greasy film. Very stable to oxidation.
  • Karanja oil BIO absorbs some of the UV through its richness in certain flavonoids. Its photo- protective properties have been proven by laboratory measurement of SPF. This unusually active oil also has interesting emollient & anti- aging to prevent premature aging due to the sun.
  • Active Natural Sunscreen is an innovative combination of active vegetable & mineral properties to guarantee high protection against harsh sunlight. It combines titanium dioxide, known to be an effective physical sun screen & is suitable for all skin types.
  • This olive emulsifier derived from olive oil allows the realization of "water-in-oil" emulsions ideal for the care of reactive skin, fragile & dry areas. The SPF 30 cream obtained is thick & very nourishing, with a silky touch.
  • Zinc oxide is a matt white pigment, very useful as a white base & also known as an anti-UV protective filter.


Emolient Caprylis, Karanja base oil*, Active Natural sunscreen, Emulsifying wax olive protection, Mineral water, Active Zinc oxide, Vit E, Conservative Cosgard, Monoi fragrance.   PRECAUTIONS: *Oil of Karanja is very active, always be sure to do a test in the elbow fold before use.

Storage & Cautions:

Well-preserved and built in optimum hygienic conditions, your product will keep for at least 3 months.
CAUTION: Avoid over-exposure to the sun & maximum hours of sunlight (between 12pm & 4pm).

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