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Nude - 12ML

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  • Nude - 12ML

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Nude - 12ML

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An 85% varnish base of vegetable origin
This base is formulated from agro-solvents of vegetable origin,
derived from potatoes, cassava, wheat and maize , which replace solvents derived from petrochemicals.

The term "agro-solvents" refers to natural solvents obtained from cereals or tubers by fermenting sugars into alcohols and acids which, by green chemistry processes, are converted into solvents of 100% natural origin.



It is a mixture of 100% mineral powder


NATURAL COLOR GRENADINE RED: Grenadine translucent

  • 100% vegetable dye, based on organic vegetable oils
  • Brings a purple-to-pink red color to cosmetics
  • Soluble in low-dose alcohol , allows to color perfumes and alcoholic solutions without losing transparency
  • Good color stability ( keeping your products out of the light)
  • Color in transparency , does not bring coverage


WHITE MASHING DYE: White coloring

White is the indispensable component for brightening a hue. It also brings opacity and coverage to our tinted preparations. White mash is a finely micronized dispersion of titanium dioxide in a castor oil carrier.

Guaranteed without nanoparticles and pasted to avoid inhalation, this form presents no danger. The use of a mash greatly facilitates the introduction and dispersion of the oil phase pigment. The pasting is thus very useful for making tinted emulsions.


Apply your varnish in 3 steps

  1. Apply 1 coat of Protectrice Base as a protective treatment. 
  2. Apply 2 coats of your "Nude varnish" allowing to dry between each layer.
  3. Apply 1 coat of Top coat "" shiny effect "".
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