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Juniper berry

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Juniper berry

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This oil has been known for a long time for its soothing qualities in case of rheumatism. It is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote the elimination of water. Energetic, it also brings strength and courage.

Botanical name: Juniperus communis ssp communis

Country of origin: India

Health properties:

  • Prevents the formation of kidney stones and promotes their disintegration. 
  • Diuretic (eliminates water retention problems, promotes thinning).
  • Antirhematal, it promotes the excretion of kidney toxins and uric acid. 
  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation). 
  • Antalgic (calms the pain)
  • Intestinal anti-fermentation 
  • Tonic and digestive stimulant
  • Antiseptic pulmonary, the essential oil of Juniper has interesting properties in the fight against mycobacteria. 
  • Slight anti-fungal activity 



  • Draining , it promotes the elimination of water. 
  • Astringent and purifying. 
  • It has a balsamic, soft and slightly woody aroma 


  • Gives the desire to stretch , to move
  • Tones the energy of the kidneys
  • Promotes the circulation of energy in the joints. 
  • Releases our will to act and gives confidence
  • Helps to confront conflicts and expose their desires in a clear and fearless manner. 
  • Purifies the body and soul and cleanses the mind of its waste and its poisons.
  • Helps to restart, gives energy to undertake
  • Reinforces the will and restores courage and energy in case of melancholy
  • Essential oil associated with the chakra of the head: Sahasrana. Its color is purple
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