The hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage is a different take on the Holistic Aromatherapy massage, as smooth stones assist the therapist during the massage. The stones, are usually made of basalt. The stones are heated in hot water prior to massage. The stones may be placed on the body at key points, which are believed to be the energy centers of the body, to recreate the balance of the body and the mind. These specific points are often found on the back, in the palms and in between toes. The therapist will apply E.O, so the stones can glide smoothly along the skin and muscles. When the hot stones are placed on muscles below the skin, the muscles become relaxed, allowing therapists to apply deeper pressure, either by using the stones or simply the hands.

Benefit of getting a Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage:

  • Improve circulation in the body
  • Plays a vital role in calming the nervous system
  • Restore the body’s natural balance
  • Promote deep muscle relaxation
  • Stimulate the circulatory system
  • Sensation of comfort and warmth within the body

Hot stone massages have also used as treatments of many common health disorders, including muscular pains, back pains, arthritis, osteoarthritis, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and fibromyalgia syndrome, which is chronic widespread muscle and tissue pains.


1st treatment (incl. consultation): $ 1080

  • 70mns :$ 680
  • 90mns : $ 1000

Package 8 treatments of 70mns: $4400 (Pay only for 7)