Preventing & Treating Head Lice

Preventing & Treating Head Lice

How to get rid of lice?

The school year that the lice season! No Panic, there are natural and effective solutions to to stop this unwanted hosts, and with a little perseverance, t is not difficult to overcome.

before going on to attack, it is useful to understand the life of cycle of Lice.

Who are these little animals?

Lice are small insects up tp 3-4mm long, light grey to brown, often close to the colour of the hair with which they mimic. they are parasite that feed on blood and live in the hair. The life of lice involves 3 phases
  • Slow: the nits are the legs of lice. they are firmly attached to the hair, they have a sticky substance that makes them difficult to eliminate even when brushing. the nits measure about 0.8mm, are stuck close to the root, translucent color, they often merge with hair color.
  • Nymph: about 5 days after laying, the nits begin to open, and 2 to 5 days later, the nymph is born. Nymphs are young lice measuring 1 to 3 mm, capable of feeding but still unable to reproduce. After 10 days during which the nymph grows by successive moults, the louse reaches the adult stage.
  • Adult louse: an adult louse can live up to 30 days. it is capable of breeding and the female lays about 5 to 10 eggs/day. Lice suck blood every 2 to 6 hours, injecting an active saliva, but not everyone is sensitive to it.

The repellent: the essential oil Of Lavandin super; Lavandula burmatii, Ct super

In case of exposure to Lice, apply a few drops every morning to your child's hair and scalp, as well as in his caps and hats.

A few tips:

  • Tie the long hair
  • Avoid the exchange of caps, scarves...
  • As soon as you spot lice on a child's head, check the head of entire family and do preventive treatment with lavandin super essential oil. you can add 2 drops in your usual shampoo.
  • It is not necessary to use a "preventive" curative treatment, whatever it may be (shampoos, masks, chemical or even natural lotions). if there is no lice to kill, this will only expose your child unnecessarily to binding treatment. Simply use Lavandin's essential oil and regular inspection with a fine comb.

Now, On the attack!

The grandmother's Cures

Olive oil & vinegar have proved their worth - Why not but there is much better!

Olive oil: it works by asphyxiating lice, but it is far from being the most effective oils, because it is quite thick.

The vinegar: it is effective enough but it must be left for a long time which can be very uncomfortable for the children; it stings or it burns on the lesions.

Cutting or Shaving hair: This is certainly very effective to avoid re-infestation, but it can be very traumatic for your child. 

Reassure your child by telling him that having lice is not dirty or shameful, and de-dramatizing treatment by making it a playful moment.

Your anti-lice weapons

  1. Coconut oil (coconut butter); this semi-solid oil makes it possible to effectively form a fatty mask which will asphyxiate the lice. its very fine texture allows it to penetrate the respiratory lungs to the louse, which kills it. You can use it as a mask on the hair, leaving about 30 mns to 1 hour and then eliminate with a a shampoo (or 2 if necessary). Coconut oil is effective in killing lice but have no effect on nits; it can be used on the whole family, even babies and have the advantage of leaving the hair soft & nourished.
  2. The lavandin super E.O is the "must" in the fight against lice, and is used both in preventive and curative. It is suitable for children from 3 years old.
  3. The synergy of Arhome Spa & Lab: "Anti-Lice Pure Blend"

30ml = 900 drops

Rosemary CT camphor E.O

Super Lavandin E.O

Atlas cedarwood E.O

Tea tree E.O

Myrte CT cineole E.O

Indications: for adults & children above 5 years old


  • In preventive: 3 drops in a shampoo every 2 days
  • In curative: rub the scalp with 6 to 10 drops of the mixture, avoiding any contact with the eyes
The anti-lice comb:

A special lice extra fine comb remains a good investment. with a little patience, it is an effective weapon to reduce infestation and a useful tool for your preventive inspections. use the anti-lice comb on hair with the "anti-lice pure blend" to dislodge asphyxiated lice. the oil will also facilitate the passage of the comb.

The plan of attack

The treatment is mainly to eliminate all adult lice & nymphs. The comb will eliminate the nits, no treatment can eliminate all nits, and a few nits are enough to re-infest, so it is essential to repeat the treatment 7-10 days later, once the remaining nits have hatched, but before they are adult lice. It is sometimes necessary to repeat the treatment a third times 2 weeks after (recommended).

In case of declared infestation, wash pillowcases, duvet covers & cushions, sheets & fluffs in machine, at least 60 degres.

  1. Treatment mask with 'Anti-Lice Balm"is a curative product (over 3 years old) to be applied as soon as the infestation is detected, then 8 days & 16 days after. Leave for 30mns and then eliminate lice & nits with a fine comb; rince with Anti-Lice Shampoo.
  2. Anti-Lice Shampoo is a curative product (over 3 years old); shake well before use. It should be use as a traditional shampoo, leaving it for 10 mns before rinsing. To be carried out everyday at the beginning to the infestation, then regularly under surveillance to prevent re-infestation. Ideally used in addition to the curative Anti-Lice Balm & the preventive "Stop Lice Spray".
  3. Stop Lice Spray is a preventive product, shake well first and spray on dry hair or wet. Insist on risky areas: behind the ears and at the root of the hair on the nape of the neck.
    Do a test in your child's elbow fold to verify that no allergic relation appears within 24 hours.


  • To avoid putting oil everywhere, pack your child head in food film. Place a clean towel or cloth on the shoulders to absorb any drips.